Wednesday, June 29, 2016

UCSC Hay Barn Photos

Before you scroll through the new gorgeous photographs from the recent photoshoots down at the Hay Barn, take a look at this stunning before-and-after shot:

Left: Before shot (photographer unknown) Right: After shot (© 2016 Cesar Rubio Photography)

All photos below © 2016 Cesar Rubio Photography.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Review of "Improvisations on the Land" in ARCADE Magazine!

The most recent review of our book, Improvisations on the Land: Houses of Fernau + Hartman, appears in ARCADE Magazine. Written by John Parman, a writer, editor, and West Coast adviser to the Architect's Newspaper, the review captures the essence of the firm's practice and history of improvisation and collaboration - from its inception to the office in present day. Parman describes the book as being "a tutorial on how to practice architecture as [Richard Fernau] and Laura Hartman see it, in which place and improvisation provide valid, potent bases for design."

Parman begins the article by referencing the iconic New Yorker cover from March of 1976 - "View of the World from 9th Avenue."

"Far from being provincial," Parman writes, "the tradition in which F+H is situated is wide-eyed about the world around it. To live in the Bay Area is to be immersed in a place that gathers up sense, encourages openness and flow, and discourages anything that seems too predetermined."

READ John Parman's review by clicking here

Friday, May 27, 2016

Dream of the Sea Ranch - Screening and Discussion with Zara Muren, Laura Hartman, and More!

Join Bay Area filmmaker Zara Muren at her screening of "Dream of the Sea Ranch," a documentary about the celebrated Sonoma County development. There will be a panel discussion following the screening with Donlyn Lyndon, George Homsey, and Fernau & Hartman's very own Laura Hartman, who currently serves on The Sea Ranch Design Committee.

Please read the poster below for more information. The event will be held on Sunday, June 5th at 4:15pm at the Smith Rafael Film Center at 1118 Fourth Street in San Rafael

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Montana Cookhouse in Fine Homebuilding Magazine

The Montana Cookhouse is featured in yet another publication, this time in the May 2016 issue of Fine Homebuilding Magazine. Read the short article by Maureen Friedman:

When the time came to build the main residence for a working ranch in rural Montana, the homeowners wanted an energy-efficient house with generous kitchen, dining, and living spaces for large events. They also wanted it to look as though it had always been part of the existing homestead, which includes a granary and a farmhouse.

"Taking a cue from local hay barns and conceiving the project as an 'anti-lodge,' Richard Fernau and Laura Boutelle of Fernau & Hartman designed this 1 1/2-story broad-eaved, gable-roofed house." 

Located in an area that is subjected to severe storms, 115-degree F temperature fluctuations, and 70-mph winds, the cookhouse fits the climate and the land. Its east-west siting presents the narrow face to the most intense wind and weather and is optimal for solar gain. The rooms on both floors are organized along a central hallway that links the interior spaces but that also functions as a massive air duct connecting the house to the thermal chimney. This keeps the house cool via the stack effect even in the extreme heat of summer, making air-conditioning unnecessary. In colder months, the house is heated with a ground-source heat pump and EPA-rated woodstoves.