Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yellowstone Bend Ranch

The following images come from Yellowstone Bend Ranch, a homestead renovation and master plan in Big Timber, Montana that Fernau + Hartman completed in 2007.

Yellowstone Bend Ranch received a Merit Award from AIA Montana, see more images here.

Conceptual master plan (click to view larger)

Barn: before

Barn: after

House: before


Friday, October 1, 2010

Avis Granary Retreat

Fernau & Hartman is at work again in Clyde Park, Montana.

Design development is currently wrapping up for a Granary Retreat (comprised of a Cookhouse and a Car Barn) that will extend a complex of buildings F&H designed for the clients in 2004.

The earlier, multiple-award-winning sustainable “Avis Granary Cluster” was an act of reclamation: one part restoration, one part adaptive reuse, and one part infill. F&H took the pieces of the proposed single-family residence, distributed them among re-purposed existing buildings (a farmhouse and a granary), and added an outbuilding to meet the client’s programmatic needs while minimizing development and preserving the local rural character and way of life.

The two new buildings will continue the Granary Cluster’s understated sensibility.

A series of exposed wood frames will support the Cookhouse’s low-slung metal roof. Like the barn of a typical agricultural property, this larger building will provide a new focus for the compound.

The Car Barn will be an outbuilding to house supporting functions. It will provide parking and storage, act as a staging area for events, and serve as a gateway to the Guesthouse/Cookhouse from across a shallow creek.