Monday, May 25, 2015

1908 Shattuck - Construction Update 4

The past week at the 1908 Shattuck construction site, has seen the shoring removed and the stripping of the PT Deck formwork. Once all of the shoring and formwork was removed, work began on framing the second floor, this will continue into this week. The next exciting event on site will be the installation of the third floor joists.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fernau & Hartman Monograph - Dust Jacket

The design for the dust jacket was carefully considered to achieve a balance of color, materials, and landscape with architecture. The “half jacket,” or “tube top” as we like to call it, features three of our favorite houses. A view from the deck of the Montana Cookhouse wraps the face and spine of the book. The front flap is a full bleed image of an outdoor room at the Santa Ynez house, and the back flap is a photo through the Mann House.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LARK Publications

Since its opening just over a month ago, the LARK hotel has been featured in a variety of different places. To take a look at some of the reviews and articles click on the links below.

A story on the LARK Opening aired on KXLF-TV in Butte, MT.

It has also been reviewed on Ski Curbed where Bozeman is referred to as Montana's 'Ultimate Outdoorsy Town' and the LARK is referred to as a 'Hip Hotel.'

A cover story in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle featured the opening of The LARK in an article titled, "Imperial goes niche - new hotel aims to 'Larkify' downtown Bozeman." 

The below pages are taken from the Explore Big Sky cover story. The piece is titled "Depicting Montana through art and architecture."

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Fernau & Hartman Monograph - Cover

We are excited to share with you, the cover from the upcoming Fernau & Hartman monograph. David Blankenship, our book designer, approached the cover as both a tactile and visual experience. The title, Improvisations on the Land, is stamped into a taupe fabric case and then wrapped in a cardstock “half jacket” printed with one of our favorite photographs of the Montana Cookhouse. Dubbed the “tube top” here in the office, the “half jacket” is just that: a dust jacket that cloaks the book, leaving about one third of the case exposed. When the jacket is removed, a sketch of the Berggruen House is revealed.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

LARK Interior Photographs

We are excited to share with you photographs, showing just a few of the 38 rooms at The LARK, that portray the unique characteristics created within. Each room is decorated with different art and infographic themes. Layers of separation were developed to create privacy, including a desk in the rooms that features a knife wall, so the beds are shielded from the windows. One room has a depiction of the largest recorded fish, caught in the state, scaled to size.

Photographs by Dan Armstrong Photography.

Photographs © Dan Armstrong Photography 2015 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1908 Shattuck - Construction Update 3

Today the 22 feet tall steel columns and steel beams were delivered to the 1908 Shattuck construction site. Work began early with all the members hoisted off the trucks by crane and set down on the PT Deck. Once the scaffolding was assembled, one by one the columns were carefully raised from the slab and secured onto the studs that protruded from the deck below. With all the columns and beams secured, the project now is starting to give a glimpse, as to how its size will alter the feel of the street.

Be sure to scroll down to the videos at the end!



Thursday, May 7, 2015

CuriOdyssey: Design Update

As  CuriOdyssey approaches the half way point of the Design Development stage, we are able to share with you a selection of renderings from the project. The renderings below show an interactive viewing platform where visitors can observe wildlife--coined the "bird blind", aerial perspectives and what the entry to the museum will be like.

You can see how these renderings have developed since the Conceptual Design stage and also have a look at the competition winning renderings.

Bird Blind Rendering 
Entry Rendering
Aerial Rendering

Friday, May 1, 2015

UCSC Hay Barn Drone Footage

We have compiled and edited the drone footage provided by The Impact Media Group and produced this short video, that documents events over the course of the Barn Raising weekend. Enjoy and make sure your sound is on! 

Footage © The Impact Media Group, Inc. 2015