Thursday, February 15, 2018

UC Riverside Barn Expansion Project

Here's a first look at the Barn Expansion project, a dining and performance venue that we're designing at UC Riverside.  

At the heart of the Barn Expansion project is the Barn Dining building, a 1916 horse stable from UCR’s days as a Citrus Experiment Station. The Barn was subsequently turned into a dining hall with a performance stage in the 1950’s; the current project undertakes an extensive renovation and modernization of the building, including an expansion for a commercial kitchen. The existing Barn Theater building will be rebuilt.  A new Faculty / Staff Dining building (barn-like in form, but contemporary in material detailing) will reinforce the site’s identity as a dining hub. A new outdoor performance venue will be bracketed between the Barn Dining and the Faculty / Staff dining building, and will serve as outdoor dining space when not in concert-mode.  A Ticketing Tower with a glowing lantern-like feature will define the east entrance, serving as a marker for the site along with a proposed future “Barn Walk."  The materials, forms, and landscape of this project are meant to reinforce the agrarian heritage of the site while also introducing a contemporary design language. The project is a collaboration with SVA Architects, with Fernau & Hartman acting as the Design Architect.  

Barn Dining building, a 1916 horse stable which was subsequently turned into a dining hall with a performance stage in the 1950’s. Historical photo above, rendering below.
Ticketing tower that defines the east site entrance

Perspective from the stage, looking towards the rebuilt Barn Theater

Faculty/Staff Dining building, from perimeter of the site

Northwest site entry, looking towards Barn Dining, with Barn Theater at left and Faculty Staff Dining at right

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