Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Engineers' Office Mixed-Use Addition on Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

Fernau & Hartman is glad to be working again with Tipping Mar & Associates, structural engineers and F&H's frequent collaborators. This mixed-use building will provide additional office space next door to the firm's current office, also designed by F&H. The new addition will reference the beloved 1994 design but assert its seismic independence with sturdy piers that support the second floor drafting room and offices. Each pier will sport a base-isolator near its top that--in the event of an earthquake--will allow the engineers to shift in a two foot radius above the cafe/retail space below.

See the Tipping Mar building on our main site.

site of proposed addition, adjacent to current office (click to enlarge)

Proposed addition on left; Existing office on right (click to enlarge)

Current office, design by F&H in 1994

Entry to current office