Thursday, April 23, 2015

UCSC Hay Barn - Old & New

Since the Barn raising ceremony last month, the historic timber framing has been completed, providing us with a real sense of what the completed Barn's presence will be at the campus entrance. Over the past couple of weeks, the focus has shifted to the installation of the interior siding. Comprised of salvaged boards from the original 1860's Hay Barn and immaculate new boards, sourced locally from Big Creek Lumber in Santa Cruz, the siding reinforces the contrast of old & new within the space. Meanwhile, the walls are being framed and the interior rooms are taking shape. At the moment there is a spectacular lighting effect, which occurs as the sunlight filters through the skip sheathing ceiling. However, it won't last long. Very soon, plywood sheathing will seal the roof, blocking out this spotted light.

The North elevation, framed and awaiting structural inspection.

Stunning natural light, filtered through the rafters & skip sheathing.

New redwood siding on the left and original boards on the right.

A new tie beam sits below an original purlin post & wind braces.

Wind braces and girts meet at a new wall post, secured by hand-crafted wooden pegs.

A new wall post & wind brace meet an original sill plate.

The immaculate new redwood siding from Big Creek Lumber.

Awaiting more framing, the east elevation temporarily shows the contrast of old and new.

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