Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UCSC Hay Barn - Preparing the Frames

With under three weeks of production to go, the crew at Santa Cruz Timber Frames is working briskly. This model sits outside, amidst the workers, serving as a reference tool for planning the assembly of the Hay Barn. The photographs below also show a series of tenon templates, which are used to make sure each mortise is perfectly consistent.

This model, made by Dos Osos Timberworks, serves as a reference for the timber framers.

A girt tenon template.  Girts run the length of the Barn, connecting each of the bents.

This shortened, portable wall post template includes the top tenon, tie beam mortise, and bottom tenon.
A scarf joint template, used to produce the sill plates.

A comparison of what the original, aged wood will look like against our new members. 

Once a tenon is completed, it's coated in wax to ease the assembly process.

Waxed mortises in completed posts, awaiting shipment to the Hay Barn site.