Wednesday, March 25, 2015

UCSC Hay Barn Raising - Part One

This past weekend, timber framers from around the state descended on Santa Cruz to assist in the raising of the Hay Barn. Once the scaffolding was assembled, work began in earnest. Beginning at the south end of the barn, the timber frames were meticulously lowered into place one by one via crane. A combination of qualified timber framers and community volunteers secured the wall posts into the sill plates and guided wall girts into their pre-prepared mortises. Hand-crafted wooden pegs secured all the members in place. Seeing salvaged Hay Barn members be reused, although sparsely, was very rewarding.

For more photos from the Hay Barn Raising - Part One, click the link to our facebook page Hay Barn Raising Photographs.

Scaffolding is assembled at the north end of the Hay Barn.   

The crane lifts the lower tier of a timber frame.
The Hay Barn as seen from the south west, most of the lower tier timber frames have been installed.
Principal Laura Hartman helps raise a timber frame.
Workers secure the timber frame in place.
A new wind brace is slotted into an original sill plate.
Workers watch as a timber frame is lifted over the barn.
A top plate is carefully lowered onto the wall posts and wind braces.
Lower tier timber frame installation complete.
An original intertie beam meeting a new wall post.
Workers prepare the installation of the upper tier timber frames.

Photographs © Ben Walker 2015 

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