Thursday, February 5, 2015

Determining The Repairability of 150-Year-Old Timbers

On Wednesday 2/5, Fernau & Hartman visited the Hay Barn to meet with the Santa Cruz Timber Frames crew, who will repair the original timber frame members.  Since the Hay Barn was disassembled last Spring, some members have been deemed unrepairable, and a meeting was called to determine which, if any, of these pieces could be saved.  Fortunately, the use of penetrating epoxy will strengthen several of the jeopardized pieces.  Santa Cruz Timber Frames will also produce new members that match the originals wherever replacements are required.

The Santa Cruz Timber Frames crew.
Determining repairability of damaged and rotted members.

When the original Hay Barn collapsed, some members were directly exposed to weather, increasing rot.

An original wall post with dry rot at its base.  This post is 1 of 2 that were salvaged during the disassembly, and unfortunately is now determined unrepairable.

An interior tie beam (#8) will be reused despite a missing section.

Of the 30 wall girts salvaged from the original barn, 4 have damaged mortises, rendering them unsafe for reuse.

Fresh Douglas Fir timbers will replace any unrepairable members.

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