Monday, February 23, 2015

Lark Motel, Bozeman MT

For the past couple of years Richard has been consulting with Think Tank Design Group based in Bozeman to design the Lark Motel. The Motel will act as the perfect base-camp for a trip to Southwest Montana. With large sitting areas and an assortment of outdoor patios and fireplaces. A one of a kind Map Room has been designed to help visitors find their way around Bozeman and rural Montana. Within the Map Room, reclaimed Douglas Fir has been used to create both the custom map reading station and reference table.

On April 3rd the Lark Motel in Bozeman will open its doors to the general public, the Motel is now taking reservations with 25% of for first time visitors. Please take the chance to have a look at the website:

Entrance to the Lark Motel as seen from West Main Street.
Mock-Up of the map table at the Fernau & Hartman Office in Berkeley.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir, used to produce both map table & reference table.
Map table, computer station and shelving for brochures and information guides.

Reference table with niches for information books and other reference materials.

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