Tuesday, February 17, 2015

UCSC Hay Barn – Barn Raising Date Set

Currently, the Hay Barn’s steel exoskeleton is erect.  Each gable is reinforced with steel HSS (hollow structural section) frames, to achieve our required shear strength despite the large openings in each of these end walls.

As we speak, the Santa Cruz Timber Frames crew is incrementally milling and shipping new timber frame members from their shop in Bonny Doon to the Hay Barn site.  This process will continue until mid-March, when the crew will relocate to UCSC and fabricate our 40’-long tie beams directly onsite.

On Saturday March 21st, all eleven of the timber frames will be individually raised.  The public is invited to visit the Hay Barn site, watch the frames be raised, and learn more about the project.  More details to come…

A model of the Hay Barn. (Courtesy of Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc.)
A conceptual reconstruction rendering, showing the timber frames raised. (Courtesy of Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc.)

Gable end steel frames, temporarily supported.

The steel frame lying in the foreground will become a large sliding door.

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