Wednesday, February 25, 2015

UCSC Hay Barn - Tools of the Trade

We recently visited the Santa Cruz Timber Frames shop in Bonny Doon and witnessed the production of wall posts for the Hay Barn. The crew utilizes a combination of traditional Japanese woodworking implements & contemporary power tools. Working in a forest clearing, the 5-person crew will produce all of the wall posts before moving onto the next type of member.

A Japanese Adze in the foreground and a Chain Blade Mortise Cutter in the background.
A double-bladed Ryoba.
A Japanese Fishtail Chisel.
A Mallet and Drawknife.
A Hand-Operated Planer.

                                                                             The Japanese Adze is used to reshape the timbers.

                                                                                   The Chain Blade Mortise Cutter in action.

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